Move In / Move Out

Moving can be stressful.

Our team of professionals can help you
with your move in / move out deep clean.

Empty your home 1st

  • All furniture should be removed including, beds, sofas, bookcases, inside of fridges, etc.
  • All dishes, food, misc items should be removed from all cabinets throughout your home.

*We dont move out fridges or ovens unless requested, or they’re on sliders.

Limit other trades and people in your home

Carpet cleaning should be scheduled for after we’ve finished cleaning.  It’s dangerous for us to work on wet carpet, or around another company’s equipment.

*We’re not responsible for injuries caused to persons working around our staff, or our cleaning supplies.

Oven cleaning

If your oven has a self cleaning feature, please run a cycle through before our arrival, making sure the oven has time to cool before cleaning it.

*Take oven racks out before running the self clean cycle.  Our staff will clean racks separately.

*Increase ventilation by opening windows or adjusting the air conditioning.

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